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Invitation to participate in a virtual discussion

IDEAS and AfrEA would like to jointly extend an invitation to you to participate in a virtual discussion concerning the challenges and solutions in evaluating the Paris Declaration. The discussion will last a month, starting April 12, 2010 and ending May 7, 2010.

The discussion is open to all evaluators and other actors interested in the Paris Declaration evaluation, from all the regions of the world and from all sectors. The objectives of the groups are as follows:

1. To increase awareness within the development evaluation community of the issues and challenges relating to the Paris Declaration and its evaluation
2. To improve evaluation methods and approaches used in evaluating the Paris Declaration and its principles;
3. Collecting and disseminating knowledge associated with the evaluation of the PD;
4. Creating a virtual community and forum of development evaluators engaged with the PD.

The discussion will last a month. The group will, however, continue to exist, depending on the demand and interest of the participants. Each week will focus on a specific theme with specific sub questions. The discussion will be moderated (Denis Jobin); the focus will be the themes and respective sub-questions.

Week 1: Evaluation Quality
Week 2: Challenges and opportunities
Week 3: Appropriate tools and methods
Week 4: Transaction costs and country systems

Discussions will take place in the language of the individual who initiates the discussion; translation is unavailable due to budget and time constraints.


Czech DET 2009 took place in Srni on September 13-19, 2009.

More Informations about Czech DET 2009

ODA conference

We would like to share with you the report, list of participants and powerpoint presentations from our recent Bratislava ODA conference (June 25-26, 2009) on "Sharing transition experience among the EU Member States, the Balkan countries, and the Commonwealth of Independent States".

Program (document Word, 89 kB)
Final Report (document Word, 140 kB)
List of Participants (document Excel, 41 kB)
Environment Transition Workshop Report (document PDF, 25 kB)

Civil Society Organizations Development Effectiveness

The Czech NGDO platform FoRS in close cooperation with the European confederation CONCORD organized an international conference "Civil Society Organizations Development Effectiveness" in Prague (June 23-24, 2009) as the final and closing event of the FoRS program and official accompanying event of the Czech EU Presidency.

More Information

IDEAS Global Assembly 2009

On-line registration for IDEAS Global Assembly in Johannesburg (March 17-20, 2009) is open. Please, see program and instructions at

Country-Led Evaluations and Systems

International Development Evaluation Association (IDEAS) together with Development Worldwide (DWW) and Institute of International Relations (IIR) organized the first regional workshop on Country-Led Evaluations and Systems, which took place in Prague (Czech Republic), June 19-20, 2006.